Lookin’ Like a House!

Everything has been coming together these past couple weeks. My steel framing by Volstrukt came up from Austin thanks to Damon DesChamp at Trailer Made. (They are no the official distributor of Volstrukt framing nationwide) It’s so great that they are only a 35 minute drive from where I’m living. This made it possible for me to go out and witness the Trailer Made crew panelizing my walls and roof in the timeframe I needed so I could close in my house before the snowstorm. We all stood it on the trailer over the weekend and my Dad and I took it off to Isabelle Road.

We were a little nervous about towing something so high and we visually checked power lines and tree branches along the way. My dad was a rockstar at towing my tiny house and thanks to him it was a very easy move.


Once out on the farm, Brian, a guy named Doug, my Dad, and I sheathed the house¬†with OSB and fastened it with screws¬†into the steel framing every 6 or so inches. Since, my framing isn’t wood, we had to be prepared to screw everything into the metal. This will continue throughout my build, and I’ve changed a few aspects to accommodate metal framing. Man is the frame strong!

Once the roof was sheathed, we added an ice and water shield that covers the entire roof and ridge beam. It went on fast, which was lucky, and with stunning views of the Front Range up there. As the storm blew in, we covered part of the house in some plastic we had lying around in the garage, and fastened everything down as best we could. If the snow stops falling and the temperature warms then we will cut out the windows and install them this weekend. Can’t wait for a fully closed in house!

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