Sourcing Materials

During the past couple of weeks I have spent most all of my free time sourcing materials. I’ve connected with some pretty interesting people on Craigslist, one of which is named James, who is building a tiny house on the bed of a big 1963 truck. I went out to his place to buy his extra house wrap, which just happens to be the exact amount that I need. He also sold me window sealing tape and roofing underlayment at a super great price, all the while giving me building tips about metal to wood temperature conductivity and how to find deals and recycled materials. He has some cherry wood flooring that he pulled out of a house from 1900, and if I’m lucky he will have enough left over to pass on to me.

I also met this guy Alex who is building a tiny house in an old bread truck. He is using the truck’s box as the frame for his house, and has an electric lift on the back that rises up to large sliding glass doors. I went out to his build site on a farm with free range horses, chickens, and goats. The horses came right up to the tiny house to see what was going on. He will be there building for a bit longer until he moves to a vineyard in California where him and his girlfriend plan to live in the box truck house. We chatted about insulation techniques and interior design ideas. It’s great seeing tiny homes in the making!

There are two men who have been an invaluable resource to me, and whom I’ve been in contact with regularly. Denny Usher, who has linked me with some great people, one of which is Cody Farmer. Both Denny and Cody have been available and supportive when I have an idea that I need to talk through. Their experience in the building industry and interest in my project has been so helpful, I can’t thank them enough. Cody Farmer and his wife Lisa Farmer founded a company focused on green building. They are a distributor of various green building materials, some of which are going to make my tiny house warm, dry, and strong.¬†

I’ve been perusing ReSource in Boulder CO, Habitat for Humanity’s ReStores, and other Denver businesses¬†selling leftover or recycled building materials. It’s been really fun so far, but also hit or miss. Yesterday my Dad (who has been the most helpful ever!) and I scored some redwood lap siding and blue beetle kill tongue-and-groove pine at ReSource for my loft flooring. It was a successful day!

It’s important to acknowledge the people along the way, because I have been connecting with and meeting so many knowledgeable folks. They all play a part in my process. Their support is contributing to a smooth tiny house build thus far.¬†

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    Kenny G
    November 9, 2015 at 2:46 pm

    Great update Isabelle! So excited for you and can’t wait for your post after the first night spent in tiny land!

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