The Bitter and the Sweet

I’ve found how imperative it is to my sanity to look at each aspect of the tiny house build as a mini project. There have been times where the great feat of building my own tiny house has overwhelmed me immensely. Almost, to paralysis at times, and it’s the people in my life and the reasons I build my house that keeps me on track.

I think it’s important to voice the struggle since many tiny house blogs do not properly explain the trials and tribulations of a build like this one. In the moment it can be frustrating and difficult doing something you have never done before. It’s exhausting when you mess up and must start over. You learn a lot from your mistakes! I need to remember to not be too critical and that it’s OKAY if the screws don’t line up perfectly straight. We now measure probably 5 times before cutting wood and my research before tackling a new aspect of the build is extensive. I’m also quick to reach out for help and eager to pass on what I have learned as well. The learning curve is steep, and as I’ve said before, once you feel like you have “mastered” a project, you must move on to a new one.

My father has been a constant support throughout this whole build, once I convinced him I wasn’t joking about building my own tiny house, and then he saw that I was quite serious. He talks through each step of the way with me, researches and finds local reclaimed materials, and physically builds with me. It’s a wonderful bonding experience and I wouldn’t be able to build as fast or as well without him. It’s necessary or just much easier to have another pair of hands, and his are always there:)

Additionally, I’m continuously awed at the community support and networking that has come out of this project. People are literally coming out of the woodwork to contribute in some way, and each piece seems to fit right at the perfect time. I’m almost holding my breath because how can this all be going so well? I then remind myself that I have had struggles like heavy snow and freezing temperatures stalling the build, hired laborers not showing up for a scheduled work day, wrong or damaged materials, and numerous mistakes done by yours truly. However, this is what makes the feat of building a house that much sweeter, and the cold beer at the end of a long work day that much more satisfying!



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    Vicky Turek
    April 12, 2016 at 1:19 pm

    I emailed you back Isabelle. I also shared this post to my FB page. Hope to see you soon.

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