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ADHERO $537.00
Compego Tape $43.00

Extoseal Encors 6″ Tape


Self-sealing, heavy-duty sill protection

Window & door sill tape to create water bearing connections to / under frames. Extremely flexible, high adhesion strength, puncture resistant and self-sealing.

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Watertight adhesive tape with high adhesion for creating self sealing sill flashing. It can be used on the exterior of the building.

Dimensions: Available in 6″ width.
Each roll is 65’ 7” (20 m) in length



  • Protects structural elements from water ingress: watertight and blocks rising moisture
  • Extremely high adhesion even to slightly damp and cold surfaces
  • Very elastic: can adapt flexibly to rough substrates and corners
  • Self seals around nail and screw holes
  • Lowest VOC rating in hazardous substance test




  • Bonds to Pro Clima materials, solid wood surfaces, polyethylene, metal, foil, housewraps, sheathing, and more
  • Bonds to brick, concrete and wood fiber boards, etc. without the need for primers
  • Adhesion to frozen surfaces is not possible. There must be no water-repellent substances (e.g. grease or silicone) on materials to be bonded




  • Release paper: Split release paper allow for step by step application to frame, sill and vertical sheathing
  • Adhesive: Acrylic modified butyl adhesive (works in cold weather, min. -4°F)
  • Very elastic carrier foil with particularly low “memory-forces”
  • Tensile Strength: Bonds should not be subjected to tensile strain
  • Press firmly to secure the adhesive tape. Ensure there is sufficient back pressure


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