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Lunos e2 – 1 pair


Ductless, simple, and highly efficient heat recovery ventilation (HRV) system.
A unique, decentralized ventilation system is an adaptable and affordable alternative to centralized systems. Comes in a package including a transformer and universal controller..

Operating in pairs to provide up to 91% efficiency and up to 44 cfm.

-Switch is not included. Purchase Rotary Switch separate for simple ease of operation.

*Price includes shipping


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Operating and wired in groups of 2 or 4, these fans provide continuous ventilation without the need for
ductwork – installed directly in the exterior wall. The regenerative ceramic core is charged every 70 seconds,
after which the fan reverses and the incoming air absorbs the stored heat on its way in. The e2 units create a very
quiet heat recovery ventilation system with specific fan efficiency that is second to none.

The basic unit is a through wall fan, with a ceramic regenerative heat exchanger behind it. Operating and wired in pairs, these fans provide continuous ventilation together.

Furring the tube toward the interior is an option for your project with a thinner wall assembly.


  • Fan length: short – 6.8” (173mm), standard – 9 3/4″
  • Diameter of Unit: 5 7/8” (150mm)
  • Exterior Diameter of Tube: 6 3/8” (163mm)
  • Installation Tube (can be cut): 12″ to 19.5” (300 to 500 mm). Optional 27” (700mm) tube
  • Inside Cover: 7 1/16” x 7 1/16” (180 x 180 mm)
  • Outside Grill Diameter: 7 1/16” (180mm)
  • Ventilation rates: 10/15/20 CFM or 9/18/22CFM
  • Heat recovery efficiency: 90.6% (tested with DIN 308 / DIBt protocol)
  • Humidity recovery: 20-30%
  • Specific fan efficiency: 0.07-0.09 Wh/m3 (0.11-0.14 (W/cfm)
  • Ventilation system efficiency: 0.30 Wh/m3
  • LUNOS e² fans are certified to UL 507-2010: Electric Fans 9th Edition
  • Filter: G3 (MERV 5) or optional pollen F5 (MERV 9-10)
  • Sound levels: 16.5db – 19.5 dB – 26.0 dB
  • Includes one transformer (110V-12V), one controller, and one switch. Maximum four fans (two pairs) can be wired to one controller.
  • Installation sleeve included – can be pre-installed in wall before insulating/during construction
  • Creating a very quiet heat recovery ventilation system without the need for ducts and balancing, with specific fan efficiency that is second to none. 

* For bathrooms it is recommended to use the Lunos eGO HRV. The intermittent high efficiency exhaust fan will decrease e2 efficiency slightly during the time it is in operation. If the bathroom is located on an exterior wall a pair of e2 can be installed additionally. The same principle can be applied to kitchens within a space greater than 300 square feet.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 12.5 × 15 × 7.5 in
Length of Unit

12"-20", 7.5"-10.5"

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