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The Healthy Tiny House Kit

What makes a healthy tiny home? Or any home for that matter?

  • A sealed high-performance wall system with a continuous air barrier.
  • Chemical free materials that function efficiently in most climates.
  • A building that allows moisture to escape with a vapor open wall system, which helps mitigate possible moisture issues.
  • Continuous energy recovery ventilation units bring fresh air into the building all year round.
  • Building materials that are healthy for you, your children, your dog, the Earth etc.!

These materials can be applied to any size build including bus/RV conversions, accessory dwelling units (ADUs), backyard cottages/mother-in-law suites, and larger homes.

*Email us directly with your framing design or dimensions for a custom quote and single link for purchase.


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Any tiny house design can be adapted to using high-performance building materials. Steeped in ‘Passive House Design’ principles, The Healthy Tiny House Kit came out of a necessity to offer the tiny house community a collection of high-performance building materials that can be difficult to source. The Kit is a way to build with health and function as a priority.

The Healthy Tiny House Kit includes:

  • Lunos continuous energy recovery ventilation units. Solely the Lunos eGO for smaller tiny homes and paired with Lunos e2 pair for larger homes. Recovers temperature so heating unit does not need to work harder. Keeps everyone breathing fresh air and not recycling each others’ exhales.
  • Solitex Mento 1000 – Exterior vapor open house wrap. Allows moisture to escape wall system. Highly durable in the elements while building.
  • Intello Plus – Interior air barrier increases efficiency of the wall system and allows moisture to escape if thermal bridging becomes an issue.
  • Tescon Vana Tape – Ideal for taping seams, wall systems to the trailer and roof, airtight tape for interior window flashing.etc.
  • Extoseal Encores – Window flashing/sill protection tape. Highly adhesive to a multitude of surfaces. Only needs to be applied on the bottom of opening and up 6″ on either side. Tescon Vana Tape can seal the rest of the opening.
  • Duplex Double Sided Tape – Holds Intello Plus to studs without creating holes in the membrane.
  • Havelock Sheep’s Wool Insulation – Natural air filter, high performing, lovely to work with, mostly made by nature.
  • Personal Consulting with Isabelle Nagel-Brice on how to build with The Healthy Tiny House Kit to create a high-performance passive designed house. Product selections, design consulting, and guidance throughout the build.

The Kit’s wall system functions better than a non-vapor open wall system with a higher R-value. Don’t fixate on the R-value, but rather think about the bigger picture. All of these products work symbiotically together to create a highly efficient little building.

Shoot us a message with any additional questions!



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