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Tiny Wood Stove – Dwarf 3kw

The Dwarf 3kw is the smallest of the Dwarf line and is perfect for heating spaces under 300sq’ like RV’s, converted vans/buses, travel trailers, small tiny houses, and campers.

It’s identical in features to the other Dwarf stoves – just smaller!

Unlike other similarly sized mini stoves on the market, this compact heater is designed with robust features and is ideal for full-time use.

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  • Cast Iron Door and Firebox for Durability and Heat Retention
  • Large Window for Monitoring and Enjoying the Fire
  • Top or Rear Flue Exit and Top Cooking Surface
  • Riddling Grate and Ash Pan for Easy Cleanup
  • Separate Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Air-Control
  • Add-on features: Tall Legs and Direct-Air
  • Optional Enameled Door
  • NEW! Spring Handle comes standard on all stoves!
  • Future Features: Water Tank / Boiler, Factory Heat Shields


Dimensions: H17” x W10.25” x D8.5”
Heat Output: 3kw How many BTU’s do you need?
Weight: 75lbs
Flue Diameter: 4”
Material: Steel & Cast Iron
Fuels: Wood & Coal
EPA Cert? None


The sturdy body is made of thick 3/16″ – 5/16th Steel Plate.


The door is made of high-quality cast iron with a large fire viewing window for a classy look while providing optimal heat retention.


The 4” Flue outlet can exit out the top or the rear of the stove depending on your needs. Exiting out the rear of the stove allows the entire top surface to be used as a cooking plate while exiting out the top of the stove allows are tighter installation with less clearances.


The Dwarf gives you complete control over primary, secondary and tertiary air supplies. The airtight primary and secondary air are controlled by separate levers on the bottom of the stove and the tertiary air-wash is controlled by a slide valve just above the door.


The Dwarf firebox is made of durable cast iron and fire brick. Cast iron is very durable with for continuous use, and the fire bricks keep reflect heat back into the firebox for a more efficient burn.



The bottom of the firebox is a cast iron grate with a mechanical lever (located lower left of door) that engages the floor of the grate sifting out ash from the firebox. This handy feature is a must for coal, and helps to quickly and efficiently clean out the firebox. Below the grate is a removable ash pan for easy disposal.


You can customize the look of your stove by adding the tall cast iron legs or wood storage stand.  Enamel doors are available to add a pop of color.  Future accessories include a water boiler option and factory heat shields.


400mm/16” sides, 450mm/18” rear. You can reduce required clearances by up to 2/3 with a properly designed heat shield.


The Dwarf can safely burn wood, charcoal, anthracite coal or compressed logs.


NOTE: This stove is not intended for residential heating. It is currently uncertified and only offered for recreational use.


*Free shipping to the lower 48 US states on orders over $1,000.  Use the flue parts calculator to build a complete parts list for your project, and order everything at the same time to meet the free shipping threshold. If you are outside the lower 48, please contact Tiny Wood Stove with your postal code for a shipping quote.

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