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Wool Insulation by Havelock

Havelock Wool Insulation offers a superior natural insulation option that has unrivaled ecological integrity.

Havelock’s Wool Insulation is inherently vapor open and perfectly compliments! The Healthy Tiny House Kit

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Wool is by nature non-toxic and actually improves air quality. It’s mold/rot/fire resistant, absorbs sound, is renewable and sustainable, long lasting, safe and easy to install.


  • Filters air and improves indoor air quality – harmful chemicals are in your walls. The amino acids in wool irreversibly bond with formaldehyde, NOₓ and SO2 on a molecular level.
  • Moisture and climate control – moisture and mold happens in your walls. Wool absorbs and adsorbs it against 65% relative humidity.
  • Suppresses mold and mildew – natural keratin prevents against the spread of mold and mildew.
  • Absorbs sound – wool exceeds other forms of insulation as an acoustic buffer.
  • Thermal conductivity – wool batts are industry standard at 3.6 per inch; loose-fill outperforms at 4.3 per inch.
  • Resists fire – wool will not support a flame below 1100F; conforms to Class A of the ASTM E84 test.
  • All natural – wool insulation is entirely renewable and sustainable.
  • Long lasting – inherent characteristics allow stated R-values to exceed other forms of insulation.
  • No off-gassing – natural characteristics make our insulation devoid of harmful chemicals.
  • Installs easily – blow-in and batts are installed like other mediums but with no protection required.

Havelock Wool Batt Insulation

Havelock has applied their insulating technology to traditional batt insulation. Historically batts were made with toxic bonding agents necessary to create a low-cost insulating product with some ability to maintain shape. Their batts are made with 100% wool, no synthetic mix, and are bonded with a needle punch, not chemicals.


Unlike other forms of insulation the batts are easy to handle. They do not require protective clothing or safety equipment like respirators, gloves or heavy clothing to install: they are safe to the touch like your wool sweater.


These characteristics have earned Havelock the label as the ultimate in DIY for home insulation.


Sizing & Coverage

R Value Thickness Width S/F per bag
7 2.0″ 15.5″ 125
13 3.5″ 15.5″ 90
20 5.5″ 15.5″ 60

Havelock Loose Fill Wool Insulation

Loose fill insulation is increasingly preferred amongst industry leaders in the built environment. Havelock Wool loose fill insulation is widely used in residential and commercial construction applications that require superior thermal, moisture and acoustic insulation.


Havelock produces their loose fill following a proprietary and repeatable manufacturing process. This yields knops, or balls, that enhance the wool’s ability to trap increasing amounts of air. This process accelerates wool’s inherent characteristics and allows it to exceed the R-values of all other insulation mediums except the most toxic: spray foam.


*Manufactured in the USA

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Batt 16"x48"x2" Large Bag, Batt 16"x48"x2" Standard Bag, Loose Fill Insulation

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