Denver Home Show – Tiny House Village

I’m collaborating with Cody Farmer at MainStream Corporations, a green building/passive house design company. Cody and I have developed a green building kit that is specific for tiny homes, which is why it’s so cool!


The Lunos PLUS Kit is an assortment of German high performance materials that include: a compact Lunos fresh air ventilation unit, VOC-free insulation, advanced airtight system, and weather barriers and gaskets. Not only does this kit add biodegradable and VOC-free materials to the build, but it solves conventionally built tiny house issues such as mold, a lack of fresh air circulation, and toxic chemicals off-gassing into a small living space.

These solutions are imperative for a successful tiny house that will last well into the future, while keeping its inhabitants healthy. Green building is the new wave of the Tiny House Movement!

We will be at the Denver Home Show in the Tiny House Village the 18th-20th of March, as the only vendor not selling complete homes. This kit can also be ordered through me with free shipping in the USA. So, check out my products page and reach out!


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